The Marietta Middle School Wrestling Team participates in tournaments with private schools in the Metro Atlanta area.

8th grade wrestling

The Middle School team rocked at the MS “A” and “B” Championships!


Nakoti Coleman (115)- 1st place
Titan Bulock (185)- 2nd place
Deshaun Newton (85)-3rd place
Jeffery McKendall (137)- 3rd place
Nick Ambio (147)- 3rd place
Cohl Husbands (157)- 3rd place
Jordan Vaughn (105)- 4th place


Levi Roberts (157)- 1st place
Eric Paige (127)- 2nd place
Danny Lopez (147)- 2nd place
Matthew Castaldo (185)- 2nd place
Scion Garcia (127)- 3rd place
Clay Doyle (147)- 3rd place
marcus Joseph (157)- 3rd place
Brock Jones (127)- 6th place

Photos of the MMS 2015-16 season may be seen here:

2015-16 MMS Photos

Photos of the MMS 2014-15 season may be seen here:

MMS Blue Devil Photos



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