The MHS Blue Devils kicked off the 2013-14 season by finishing in 1st place in the Walton JV tournament.  Congratulations to the following wresters for placing:
113- Daniel Leon-1st place
 120- Jelani Miller-1st place
         Lisa Neary-3rd place
 126-Alberto Castillo-2nd place
        Darnell Powell-4th place
 132-Cory Rose-3rd place
 138-Caleb Evans-2nd place
        Earl McKinney-3rd place
 145-Kevin Ojagbaje-3rd place
        Kendew Flowers-4th place
 160-Mitchell Smith-2nd place
        Max Boose-3rd place
 170-Tyler Williams-3rd place
 195-Aria Ghamati-1st place
        Innis Shannon-4th place
 220-Saloum Nije-2nd place

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